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Last Time Updated 2. February 2017

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Welcome to Inspiration4life


Hello, my name is Kenneth Wollenberg


This site is all about Online Marketing concepts, Rev-share and Work From Home opportunities,

as well as products, Surveys and much, much more...


I was introduced to Online Marketing a few years back and I did as you probably did, jump from Program to Program to earn residual income.

But I soon realized, that jumping from System to System and Program to Program, wasn´t the best way to do business!!


Therefor my wish is to work long term businesses instead and my site www.Inspiration4life.dk is my way to show others how to get additional income by working with Programs and concepts, that I have great experience working with!!


I know there is many other opportunities out there, maybe some of them will last more than half a year, but many won´t...!!

It is very deficult to point out, what works and what doesn´t, but let me show you what works for me...


Please send me a personal message if you have comments or ways to improwe this site, it would help not just me, but others as well, Thanks...


Now let´s get started...


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